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Healthy diet without weight 10 pounds with these tips

Healthy diet without weight 10 pounds with these tips


Every year many people do dozens of attempts with healthy eating and losing weight. For example, they start with a protein diet or low-carbohydrate diet.

But you can also lose weight by consciously looking at your diet and learning a healthy diet. You can learn healthy weight loss if you become more aware of your eating patterns, behavior and pitfalls.
How can you lose weight quickly

Healthy weight loss really does not have to be that difficult when you are aware of your eating patterns and choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle that makes healthy eating and losing weight go well together.

A permanent weight loss in the long term is almost always based on a change in lifestyle and awareness of the (wrong) eating patterns, making healthy weight loss more feasible in practice.
Healthy weight loss tips

For healthy weight loss, it is important to first look critically at your lifestyle and diet. Are you a Burgundian who likes good food, often has dinner parties outside, does not have time to have breakfast and then goes to snack later in the day? The better you have an overview of your lifestyle, the better you can discover the wrong eating patterns from it.

Fast and healthy weight loss is possible if you are first prepared to consciously choose a healthy lifestyle that makes healthy weight loss and staying on weight really does not have to be that difficult anymore.
Healthy weight loss through awareness of your lifestyle

With fast and healthy weight loss a change of eating patterns is necessary to simultaneously learn a healthy lifestyle, with which you can achieve your ideal weight faster and healthier. Healthy losing weight means awareness of the learned (wrong) eating patterns that need to be broken. Many people are already making the mistake of not taking a healthy breakfast or not, while a healthy breakfast activates the inner motor and starts all body processes, so also fat burning !.
Healthy eating tips by changing your diet

These 6 tips for healthy weight loss help break a food pattern error:

Never skip your breakfast, but preferably start with a protein-rich breakfast with possibly some fruit and feel the energy flowing in your body. You can always take a cup of coffee with you ?
Choose consciously for healthy snacks in the form of fruit, raw vegetables, nuts etc, to avoid getting so hungry that you do not get lunch or dinner.
Teach yourself to drink a lot. Preferably green tea, coffee, lots of water and smoothies. This helps to wash away the waste and also prevents hunger.
Do not get things in the house that you know you can not resist the temptation to eat it. Choose the right alternatives and place them in sight in your kitchen cupboard.
Take some raw vegetables, fresh carrots or cucumber or something similar to nibble while cooking, to satisfy the worst hunger, so that you start eating less at the hot meal.
It takes a while for your stomach to give a signal to the brain that the stomach has been filled. Stop when you’ve eaten for 80% and you’re really full afterwards.



Healthy 5 to 10 pounds to lose weight

Does your diet consist mainly of (refined) carbohydrates and little protein and fat?

Say the modern western diet …

Then it is not surprising that you are constantly hungry and overweight. At meals with mainly (refined) carbohydrates your body gets a big peak in the sugar level. After this peak the sugar level drops and you have an uncontrollable urge for new energy (fast carbohydrates).

A very bad vicious circle …

As if this is not enough, your body will make extra insulin with such a meal. This hormone ensures that the sugar from the blood can enter the remaining tissues or is stored as fat.

The Western diet of a lot of (refined) carbohydrates and little protein and fat thus causes uncontrollable hunger and fat storage … Time for a healthier diet.

Actually, a healthy diet is very easy.

No food from the factory full of sugar, salt and industrial fats but a healthy meal that consists of a combination of:

Meat, fish or poultry

Of course it takes some getting used to switching from the western diet to a diet with more fat and proteins.

This goes against the general consensus that you get tired of eating fat ….

But products with a lot of fat such as nuts, fatty fish, avocados are very healthy and also very tasty. Recent research (l) has shown that the relationship between saturated cardiovascular disease is outdated. When eating products with saturated fat such as bacon (jummy!), Nothing is wrong with it.

In fact, products with a lot of fat taste very good, satisfy the hunger and provide energy!


Are you ready to change your diet and do you want to lose 10 kilos quickly in 4 to 8 weeks?

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