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7 tips: 10 pounds in 5 weeks (without sports)

7 tips: 10 pounds in 5 weeks (without sports)

The 7 lose weight tips

If you follow the tips below, you will lose up to 10 kilos in 5 weeks time.

Tip 1: Cook yourself
Tip 2: Do not get sugar and cereals in the house
Tip 3: Learn juicing
Tip 4: Snack raw
Tip 5: Weigh you once a week
Tip 6: Inform friends and colleagues
Tip 7: Start immediately

Tip 1: Cook yourself.

By that I mean “prepare your food yourself”, because you do not always have to cook your food. By preparing your own food you have in control what goes into it. This means that you can make sauces yourself.

If you decide to go out for dinner, make sure you have eaten a healthy meal beforehand. Once in the restaurant, you can enjoy a salad (without sauce) for fun.

Also take a home-made lunch to work, because unfortunately most company canteens are still focused on bread or other carbohydrates.

In this recipe book you will find more than enough examples of healthy dishes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and snacks) and sauces.

Tip 2: Do not bring grains and sugar in the house.

If they are not there you can not eat them either.It is also important that you are not tempted to eat carbohydrates on the way or at work. Do you have the habit of going to a fast food restaurant after work? Take a different route. Do you have the habit of getting something out of the candy machine or soda machine at 4 o’clock at work? Do not take any coins with you. Be creative and try to exclude any possibility of being tempted.


Tip 3: Learn juicing.

Juicen, or with another word “juices”, is the crushing of vegetables so that a vegetable juice is created. By pressing vegetables you take the vitamins and other healthy nutrients very quickly in your body. The juice contains almost no calories, but it does stagnate your hunger.

I make standard one liter of vegetable juice every morning and drink it during the rest of the day, between my meals. In the beginning the taste is getting used to, but once you’ve done it for a few weeks, you do not want anything else. In the Smoothie Slimming Plan you will find lots of vegetable juice recipes in addition to smoothies.


Tip 4: Snack raw.

Snacking is perhaps the most important cause of your excess weight. Around 4 o’clock or after dinner, you often have a lot of appetite for something sweet or ‘something that fills’. To ignore this hunger is very difficult.

What you can do best to satisfy this hunger is to take a raw snack. By that I mean: food that is not cooked, fried or processed. Carrots, green celery, nuts or a piece of fruit are examples of ideal snacks.

Tip 5: Weigh you once a week.

Many people who are engaged in weight loss weigh themselves every day. These people often do not know that facets such as the weather, your movement, the time of day, the time of the month and many other aspects affect your weight.

It can happen that you suddenly lost 1.2 kilos from one day to the next. But it can also happen that you suddenly arrived at 0.5 kilos. In the latter case people often get very demotivated and they are more likely to eat something unhealthy that day (because ‘it does not work’).

If you weigh, from week to week, you will see that you lose between 1.0 and 2.5 kilos every week. Do not worry if this is not the case for a week. Just keep eating healthy and you will automatically burn all your excess body fat.


Tip 6: Inform friends and colleagues

Let friends, family and colleagues know that you will eat less carbohydrates in the next 30 days. So you do not have to explain each time why you do not take a piece of cake, why you do not serve potatoes or why you order a salad without sauce.

Most people will support you during the process. Moreover, due to the social pressure it creates you have less trouble to turn off tasty snacks (after all, you have promised your friends that you would not eat them).

Tip 7: Start immediately.

We all know the saying, of delay is adjustment. And this is often the case with weight loss. Many people like to do something about it, but do not have the courage to start.

I think it’s one of the most annoying things to see, people who resign themselves to being overweight. They do this because they think it is a big task or sometimes even that it is impossible.

Nothing is less true! You too can lose your excess weight, provided you choose the right approach. And I can help you with that.




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