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5 tricks to lose weight

5 tricks to lose weight

At the beginning, the kilos fly off, but there is a big chance that you will come to a point where, no matter what you do, you will lose no more grams. This usually happens in the phase that you want to lose those last two to five kilos.
At such an impasse in your diet there are two options, you can sit down and accept the extra weight. Or you can apply a few of the strategies below. With a few simple changes in your exercise and diet, you can lose about two to three kilos in a safe way within three weeks.

1. Start with “calorie cycling”
You may already follow a diet that alternates carbohydrate-rich days with days when you almost do not consume carbohydrates. But if you want to lose those last kilos, you can lift this method to a more extreme level. Try to consume protein-rich food and vegetables on low-carbohydrate days. This causes fat loss. Then plan the carbohydrate-rich days on days that you train a lot. Use the carbohydrates mainly two hours before or shortly after your workout. You call this approach calorie bikes. The zigzag approach of your carbohydrate intake increases your metabolism while you lose fat at the same time.

2. Take a week of rest
Sometimes you do not fall off anymore because your body has not been given enough rest. When you become overtrained, your body will hold water.
Stay away from the gym for a week and eat normally, as if you want to keep your current weight. This will restore the water balance in your body and restart your metabolism. You will be surprised what a week of rest can bring about.

3. Increase the intensity of your exercises
It is normal to reach the ceiling of weight loss when you have been following the same training for some time. A simple way to lose those last pounds is to increase the intensity of your work-out. You normally do 4 series of 30 crunches, two minutes of rest and then continue with your leg raises. Then take a minute of rest before the change and perform the exercises faster. Because you push the boundaries of your body, you stimulate the building of muscles.

4. Eat more proteins
The fourth way to lose those last pounds is to consume more protein. It is important to know that the slimmer you get, the less your total calorie intake becomes, the more protein you need. Proteins prevent loss of muscle mass and promote the recovery of your body. Moreover, your body needs twice as much energy for digesting proteins than for digesting fats or carbohydrates. Proteins are in tofu, eggs, fish, chicken, lean pork or beef, nuts, beans and dairy products.

5. Combine sprints with cardio training
Do you only practice quiet cardio training? Consider adjusting your routine. For example, you can insert five to eight intervals with a 90-second rest period through your cardio training. Finish off with another 15 minutes of moderate cario training. This will kill two birds with one stone. You screw up your metabolism with the interval training, and for the cardio training your body uses fats as fuel.