lose weight

2 to 5 pounds to lose weight

2 to 5 pounds to lose weight

Do you want to lose 2 to 5 kilos? Follow these 10 steps and you will certainly succeed.
1) Purchase a note booklet
Write everything you eat or drink one day. Make sure you have your notebook right after your last bite, then you can write it right away. Do not skip anything when it was just a bite to taste. Noting what you eat will make you more aware of your eating behavior. You can also check whether there are any foods that you could replace with a healthier alternative. Being aware of what you eat is the first step when you want to lose weight.

2) Keep your head!
Before you eat or drink, first ask yourself: why am I going to eat or drink now? If the answer is “because I’m hungry” then that’s the right answer. It may also be that you are bored or sad. Then look for a different interpretation to combat that feeling. Take a detour, read a magazine do something other than food. Do not eat like a robot without knowing why. Once you have mastered this, you can finally control your diet.

3) Eat more often for fat loss
Provide 3 main meals and 2 to 3 snacks per day. Do not skip any of the meals or snacks. In this way you prevent hunger, you keep enough energy and you have less of a tendency to eat bad snacks. Every main meal should contain fiber, vegetables, proteins and a small amount of unsaturated fats. If you skip meals then you will not lose weight. Your fat burning will stay on the back burner.

4) Do not completely ban your favorite snack from your life
Your intention of never going through the knees again for your favorite snack is probably the stupidest thing you can do. In the end, the practice often points out that this then leads to one big bite of what you would no longer eat. Try to train yourself in moderate snacking. Buy, for example, a role of those chocolate cookies that you like so much and agree with yourself that you can take 1 cookie every day. Sit back and enjoy every bite. If you end the week without breaking that promise, you give yourself a present, for example a nice bar of soap. If you can unlearn to eat a lot at once, you are fast on your way to a slim body without the yo-yo effect. After all, you can not continue to avoid snacks and sweets forever, especially if you have children. You can therefore better deal with it. Occasionally a small treat will make you feel satisfied and certainly not get in the way of your weight loss plans.

5) Adjust your diet
Start with your refrigerator and storage cupboard. Clean them up, everything that is not healthy must go. If you do not want to throw anything away, give it away to friends or the Salvation Army. Then you create a new shopping list with responsible choices. The best way to put together a good shopping list is by means of a calories booklet. To help you on your way we have some examples of healthy foods below. These are sensible choices that you can add to your shopping list. It goes without saying that you also have to eat healthy food in moderation.
– Skimmed milk, buttermilk, light dairy, skimmed chocolate milk and semi-skimmed milk.
– Light soft drinks, Amstel light, white dry wine, red dry wine.
– Multigrain bread, whole grain Cracottes, Melba toast whole grain, Multigrain pancakes.
– 30+ cheese, shoulder ham, Slankie cheese, Halvajam, Becel light, eggs.
– Salmon, shrimp, tuna, water-based tuna, beef tartar and chicken breast.
– Skimmed fruit yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese.
– Gingerbread, league
– Salt sticks, rice waffles with flavor, peanut peanuts, Japanese mix and microwave popcorn.

6) Misbehavior? Just pick up the wire again!
With every misstep the tendency to give up is great. We often think that it is useless because it went wrong. You are then probably angry with yourself or you feel so guilty that you throw it aside. That is a big mistake! Do not give up if things go wrong, forgive yourself and pick up the thread again! It is not everything or nothing. Nobody is perfect, so just continue where you left off.


7) Set a realistic goal
If you pursue a realistic goal, the chances of success are much greater. Moreover, you remain motivated and you prevent that you give up prematurely. For example, a realistic goal is 5 – 15% of your current weight. Example: If you weigh 70 kg and want to weigh 60 kilos, then your first goal is to set 10% of your current weight.

In this case, this means that you will lose 7 kilos. Once that is successful, you weigh 63 kg. But you want to weigh 60 kilos, so time for your second goal. If you want to lose weight even further, then set 5% of 63 kg as the target. That means that you will lose another 3 kilos. In this way you achieve your ultimate goal step by step.

Fast weight loss is not wise, aiming for more than 1 kilogram per week is unhealthy, you lose valuable muscle tissue while the fat is what you need to lose. Moreover, you do not give your skin time to lose weight, you get a flabby skin so you still do not have a tight figure.

8) Make sure you are well motivated
Whether you want to lose 5 or 50 pounds, losing weight often depends on finding the right motivation. Why do you want to lose weight? You want to look good on a party where you are going soon. You want to look good during a job interview. It may also be that you are getting married soon, then of course you want to look your best. Or you want to stay healthy and fit. So there are countless reasons why you would want to fall off.

Consider why you want to lose weight exactly. You have to have a picture of how you want to look and why you want to look like this. Write down all the reasons you have in your notebook. Carry a picture of yourself when you were slimmer. Also stick this picture on the fridge. If you do not have a photo, use a photo of someone with a slim figure as an example. Every time you struggle to stick to your weight loss plan, you take out the notebook or photo to remind you why you want to lose weight.

9) Move more
Slimming goes a lot faster if you also exercise more. Sports will really speed up the weight loss. Make sure there is regularity, you get the most return. Preferably exercise in the morning, you also have extra benefits, because your body will burn fat all day long, that is great of course. Moreover, you get a tighter body through sport. You build up more muscle, this increases your fat burning. Muscles burn fat all day long, also long after exercise.

Choose a sport that suits you well, something you enjoy. There is so much variation that there is probably something for you. Aerobics, cycling, swimming, walking, tennis, fitness, etc.

10) You can learn new habits
Start exercising slowly, 3 times a week 20 minutes is more than enough. Everyone can do that. Talk to yourself that you will sustain this continuously for 6 weeks. If you still do not like it after those six weeks, you can still stop it. However, research shows that people do not want to give up after 6 weeks. Because the habit has already settled. Moreover, you have already been able to feel and see the benefits. You will undoubtedly feel better than 6 weeks ago. You can also see it in the mirror that the sport has done your figure well.

After 6 weeks you can determine whether you want to exercise longer than 20 minutes. Then you can, for example, make a block of 6 weeks moving for 30 minutes. Make sure you always sport on fixed days. Do not deviate from these days, otherwise the nesting of the new habit will not work optimally.



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