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20 kilos to lose weight

20 kilos to lose weight


Do you want to lose 20 kilos? That is not an easy task. To lose 20 kilos you have to have a lot of perseverance. It is not easy to tell you that you get it to get rid of 20 kilos. Rapidly losing 20 kilos is just as impossible: it is best to take the time for it and that is not exactly motivating. Yet it is the best way to really last. The chance of lasting results is also much higher if you do not lose your weight too quickly. So this is what you want to achieve.

Start small and expand this

Start with small adjustments in your life. Things that might not seem to make a big difference, but will nevertheless contribute to your weight. Try to find out where you are going wrong. Do you drink a lot of Coke in a day? Replace it with diet coke and drink a few glasses for day less. Do you eat two cookies every day with coffee? Replace it with one cookie. Do you two make sugar in your tea? Then replace it with one scoop. These kinds of small adjustments are a lot of tasks that need to be avoided. And maybe it seems that these small adjustments do not make a difference, but you will certainly notice your weight.

Find a sport that suits you

If you want to lose 20 kilos, then you should not be right. You will therefore play sports. The chance is of course that you are not really happy with the idea of ​​going to a gym.

Many people reluctantly play sports and this makes it more difficult to maintain the long term. So try to find a sport that you like. Go to the gym: maybe it’s more fun than you think. Try the devices, but also take a look at the group lessons. You can always drink along to get an impression of the possibilities. Try other things too: maybe you like to walk in the forest or maybe you like badminton. You can also try a dance style, such as Linedance, Zumba or ballroom dancing. Try to figure out what happens next and what you can do for a longer period of time. You are always fun, you can always test it. You will be surprised if you think that certain sports may be better suited to you than you yourself thought.

It is natural and possible to change sports. Gawel every week even to the pool and every odd week a walk in the forest. That’s how you keep it for yourself. Choose a sport that you like and that you can know.

Ask for help in your area

Losing weight alone is not easy, especially if you want to lose about 20 kilos. There are times when you feel better. It is therefore advisable to ask people in your area for help. You need support for a big goal like losing 20 kilos. Make sure that your environment knows what you are planning, it can support you when it is disappointing. She is there for you and this is very important.

Watch out with a crash diet

A crash diet is very tempting if you want to lose 20 kilos. A crash diet means that you waste a lot in a short period of time. You often get too few calories. It is true that you can lose a lot with a crash game. The disadvantage is only that after eating you will get all your lost kilos again. In the cases you come more. Crash diets also cause a hunger feeling. This is never good and can not last long.


Good Luck.


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